Spectrometry Market

Global Spectrometry Market Size, Share & Industry Trends Analysis Report By Type, By End User (Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies, Government, Research & Academic Institutions), By Regional Outlook and Forecast, 2022 - 2028

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Market Report Description

The Global Spectrometry Market size is expected to reach $15.8 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 5.6% CAGR during the forecast period.

A measurement method for the interaction between light and matter is spectrometry. Additionally, it is employed for spectral analysis and the measurement of radiation wavelength and intensity. In the field of medicine, spectroscopic techniques such as magnetic resonance images and Fourier transform infrared scanning are employed for illness diagnosis. Due to their superior sensitivity, low noise, and higher quantum efficiency compared to their competitors, back-illuminated CCDs are the most popular choice for spectroscopy.

Spectrometry Market Size - Global Opportunities and Trends Analysis Report 2018-2028

Heart rate (HR) sensors use spectrometric CCDs. Deep-depletion HR sensors are made of high-resistivity silicon to attain high efficiency in the near-infrared band. Four times the thicker depleting area in silicon is produced at 1000 nm, increasing quantum efficiency by two to four times. These sensors are controlled with wells completely depleted of electrons for high spatial resolution by providing a bias voltage at gate terminals.

Dual-port cameras for HR sensors can run at a speed of 16 MHz. Indium gallium arsenide is the ideal material for this range because Si-based CCDs have operational restrictions above roughly 1100 nm in wavelength (InGaAs). The InGaAs-based CCDs can function in the 850–1700 nm wavelength range. However, compared to silicon, they have a substantially higher dark current.

Spectrometry in the IR area has several special challenges. Due to the region's inherent low energy, the spectrometer's energy transfer must be enhanced. Many substances that are transparent to the visible spectrum cannot transmit infrared light; optical glass, for instance, is IR-opaque, necessitating the use of specialized substances like nanocrystals of NaCl, KBr, or AgCl for window materials. Water is a strong absorber and is therefore not a good solvent. The most frequently used region is where blackbody radiation from the spectrometer's components peaks and this region also has a large backdrop of stray radiation.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The market for mass spectrometry was significantly impacted by the unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic. Spectrometry is widely accepted in test applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and biological research sectors. The creation of new pharmaceuticals, the repurposing of new drugs, and the rise in pharmaceutical product production have all led to a greater need for safety and quality controls in the pharmaceutical sector. Spectrometry is becoming more and more popular in various industries due to stringent government requirements and rising quality maintenance demands.

Market Growth Factors

R&D Investments Are Rising in The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Over the past two decades, pharmaceutical corporations have dramatically expanded their R&D spending. Investments in important areas like biopharmaceuticals and customized medicine are what fuel research in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. From the early stages of drug discovery to late-stage research and clinical trials, mass spectrometry is essential to the pharmaceutical business. Consequently, it is anticipated that rising financing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors will fuel the expansion of the spectrometry market.

Opportunities for Growth in Emerging Nations

The mass spectrometry market has numerous potentials to expand in developing nations like China and India. Due to the Greenfield projects being established in numerous end-user sectors in these two nations, China and India together produce a significant amount of interest in single mass spectrometers and mixed spectrometry equipment. Strong biopharmaceutical industries exist in these nations, and it is anticipated that they will play a significant role in the expansion of the spectrometry and chromatography industries.

Marketing Restraining Factor:

The Price of Premium Products Is Too High

Since spectrometry equipment includes cutting-edge features and functions, their cost is higher. In addition to the system's purchase price, the system's cost to conform to industry norms is also highly costly. The need for mass spectrometers has increased over time as a result of technological developments and improved operating efficiency. However, system costs have gone up due to technical advancements. The cost of a spectrometer affects end customers' choice to buy it. Because pharmaceutical businesses need so many of these systems, the capital cost rises dramatically.

Spectrometry Market Share and Industry Analysis Report 2021

Type Outlook

Based on the Type, the Spectrometry Market is segmented into Molecular Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry, and Atomic Spectrometry. The mass spectrometry segment witnessed a significant revenue share in the spectrometry market in 2021. MS is a potent instrument frequently employed in forensic, biotechnology, pharmacological, and clinical research for the examination of a broad spectrum of compounds. Mass spectroscopy process improvements have made it possible to offer test findings quickly and with excellent resolution.

End User Outlook

On the basis of End-User, the Spectrometry Market is divided into Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies, Government, Research & Academic Institutes, and Others. The pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies segment procured the largest revenue share in the spectrometry market in 2021. It is because the equipment is essential for accurate, high-caliber results. Ultraviolet (UV) spectrophotometry is the best method for detecting and contrasting organic compounds.

Spectrometry Market Report Coverage
Report Attribute Details
Market size value in 2021 USD 10.9 Billion
Market size forecast in 2028 USD 15.8 Billion
Base Year 2021
Historical Period 2018 to 2020
Forecast Period 2022 to 2028
Revenue Growth Rate CAGR of 5.6% from 2022 to 2028
Number of Pages 171
Number of Tables 263
Report coverage Market Trends, Revenue Estimation and Forecast, Segmentation Analysis, Regional and Country Breakdown, Competitive Landscape, Companies Strategic Developments, Company Profiling
Segments covered Type, End User, Region
Country scope US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria
Growth Drivers
  • R&D Investments Are Rising in The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sectors
  • Opportunities for Growth in Emerging Nations
  • The Price of Premium Products Is Too High

Regional Outlook

Region-wise, the Spectrometry Market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA. The North America segment garnered the highest revenue share in the spectrometry market in 2021. This is due to a sizable number of important firms, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Waters Corporation, and others, being present in the area. In addition, numerous groups and organizations are functioning in this area that works to develop and promote cutting-edge spectrometry products and technology.

Free Valuable Insights: Global Spectrometry Market size to reach USD 15.8 Billion by 2028

KBV Cardinal Matrix - Spectrometry Market Competition Analysis

Spectrometry Market - Competitive Landscape and Trends by Forecast 2028

The major strategies followed by the market participants are Product Launches. Based on the Analysis presented in the Cardinal matrix; Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. is the major forerunner in the Spectrometry Market. Companies such as Agilent Technologies, Inc., PerkinElmer, Inc., Bruker Corporation are some of the key innovators in Spectrometry Market.

The market research report covers the analysis of key stake holders of the market. Key companies profiled in the report include Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Danaher Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Shimadzu Corporation, PerkinElmer, Inc., Endress+Hauser AG, LECO Corporation, Waters Corporation, Bruker Corporation and Kore Technology Ltd.

Strategies deployed in Spectrometry Market

Partnerships, Collaborations and Agreements:

  • Aug-2022: Agilent Technologies joined hands with Bright Giant, which manufactures optoelectronic devices to source, detect and control light. Through this collaboration, the companies aimed to launch improved non-targeted metabolomics workflows utilizing AI-based methods and assign scientists to make impactful novel discoveries. Additionally, This collaboration focused on integrating Bright Giant’s expertise in artificial intelligence solutions for small molecule analysis with Agilent’s state-of-the-art mass spectrometry technology.
  • Jun-2022: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, and TransMIT GmbH Center for Mass Spectrometric Developments have announced a co-marketing agreement to promote the use of a mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) platform for spatial multi-omics applications in pharma and clinical labs. This co-marketing agreement will provide integrated solutions for mass spectrometry imaging, offering a label-free approach to map the distribution of a wide range of both known and unknown compounds directly sampled from biological tissue.

Acquisition & Mergers:

  • Apr-2022: Bruker Corporation completed the acquisition of IonSense, the developer of ambient DART ionization technology. This acquisition would ultimately allow more consumers to have access to the power of mass spectrometry for today’s analytical requirements.
  • Mar-2022: Thermo Fisher Scientific, has acquired Max Analytical Technologies. Max Analytical has developed Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy –based gas analysis solutions for process monitoring, source testing, and ambient air monitoring. Its systems are used extensively in semiconductor manufacturing, industrial process monitoring, and environmental health and safety applications. The Max Analytical portfolio complements Thermo Fisher’s line of FT-IR instruments, software, and services, and expands the breadth of Thermo’s vibrational spectroscopy products.
  • Feb-2022: Agilent Technologies took over ACIES, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology designed by Virtual Control. With this acquisition, Agilent would combine the software into its gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GS/MS) platforms to enhance productivity, performance, and precision. Additionally, Agilent acquired the software and other assets associated with ACIES as part of the transaction, and the main members of the ACIES team also evolved into Agilent employees.

Product Launch and Product Expansion:

  • Aug-2022: Shimadzu Europe introduced IRXross Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer. The FTIR model delivers outstanding top-level performance, along with an exceptional S/N ratio, resolution, measurement pace, and relief of use. Moreover, operator’s unknown with FTIR spectrophotometry can simply analyze samples by easily determining the objective of the analysis and the extension they are utilizing.
  • Jun-2022: Agilent Technologies introduced 6475 triple quadrupoles LC/MS system, 5977C GC/MSD, plus the 7000E GC/TQ and the 7010C GC/TQ describe the advanced revolution in Agilent’s 50-plus year history in mass spectrometry. The latest LC/TQ and GC/TQ products present built-in instrument intelligence to streamline lab procedures. Additionally, these new innovative and intelligent LC/MS and GC/MS systems are developed to create the lives of the consumer more comfortable.
  • Jun-2022: Waters Corporation introduced the latest instruments, software, and product improvements. This launch includes the new Xevo G3 quadrupole time-of-flight (QTof) mass spectrometer, Waters SELECT SERIES Multi-Reflecting Time of Flight (MRT) mass spectrometer, and CONFIRM Sequence - a new oligonucleotide sequencing validation software for the waters_connect software platform and an electrospray ionization origin for the high-resolution.
  • Jun-2022: Bruker Corporation launched XFlash 7 detector series for its QUANTAXTM energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) systems. The system permits chemical analysis of material models in electron microscopes with maximum pace, dependability, and sensitivity. Moreover, with many unique and new elements, XFlash 7 consumers in academic and industrial research would benefit from higher productivity, additional increased analytical performance, and lower price of ownership.
  • Jun-2022: Bruker Corporation unveiled DART-EVOQ triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for high-throughput quantitative analyses. The DART-EVOQ does not demand chromatography separations for applied industry analysis in food/beverage, environmental, industrial, forensics, security, and pharmaceutical workflows. Additionally, Bruker reveals the first applications with the launch of the DART-EVOQ system that expands relevance and performance for fast PoN mass spec measurements.
  • Jun-2022: Shimadzu launched Shimadzu LCMS-2050 high-performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer. The Shimadzu LCMS-2050 is utilized for development and research, and quality management in fields including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and food. Moreover, the single quadrupole LC-MS attains a user-friendly interface, heightened basic performance, and a packed structure.
  • Jun-2022: PerkinElmer introduced the GC 2400 Platform, an advanced, automated gas chromatography (GC), headspace sampler, and GC/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) solution. The GC 2400 Platform is designed to assist lab teams to streamline lab operations, forcing accurate results, and performing more adaptable monitoring. Additionally, the automated GC 2400 Platform permits teams at any expertise level to better supervise and monitor their GC analyses from the sample via results so they can concentrate on high-value actions in their businesses and labs.
  • Apr-2022: Waters Corporation launched the Xevo TQ Absolute system, the most precise and packed benchtop tandem mass spec in its category. The new high-performance mass spectrometer is up to 15X more sensitive for quantifying negatively ionizing compounds than its precursor and is 45% less and operates up to 50% smaller electricity and gas supply than further high-performance tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers open in the industry. Additionally, this is accomplished with a new direction on optimal probe positioning for both robustness and sensitivity and source protection that helps miscalculate source contaminants by the sample matrix or mobile phase salts.
  • Feb-2022: Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced SureSTART, a new suite Of Chromatography And Mass Spectrometry Consumables. The new portfolio contains a new cluster of caps, vials, kits, inserts, well plates, and mats that enhances analytical performance and sample safety for chromatography and mass spectrometry consumer in routine and research laboratories, through a various range of sectors including pharma, clinical, biopharma, food, academia and environmental. Moreover, SureSTART consumables are developed from high-quality materials that fulfill both the performance and price needs of consumers, delivering the assurance they require to analyze difficult analytes.
  • Sep-2021: Thermo Fisher unveiled Thermo Scientific Delta Q Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer. Advanced net zero mass spectrometers are developed to allow precise analysis with tremendous accuracy and precision. Moreover, with enhanced specifications, such as an advancement in software to Qtegra ISDS to dramatically enhance ease-of-use and laboratory productivity, the system's carbon footprint would be neutralized, permitting scientists to carry out their work while decreasing their environmental effects.

Scope of the Study

Market Segments Covered in the Report:

By Type

  • Molecular Spectrometry
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Atomic Spectrometry

By End User

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
  • Government, Research & Academic Institutions
  • Others

By Geography

  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Rest of North America
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • UK
    • France
    • Russia
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • South Korea
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • UAE
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Nigeria
    • Rest of LAMEA

Key Market Players

List of Companies Profiled in the Report:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
  • Danaher Corporation
  • Agilent Technologies, Inc.
  • Shimadzu Corporation
  • PerkinElmer, Inc.
  • Endress+Hauser AG
  • LECO Corporation
  • Waters Corporation
  • Bruker Corporation
  • Kore Technology Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions About This Report

The Spectrometry Market size is projected to reach USD 15.8 billion by 2028.

R&D Investments Are Rising in The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sectors are driving the market in coming years, however, The Price of Premium Products Is Too High restraints the growth of the market.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Danaher Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Shimadzu Corporation, PerkinElmer, Inc., Endress+Hauser AG, LECO Corporation, Waters Corporation, Bruker Corporation and Kore Technology Ltd.

The Molecular Spectrometry market acquired maximum revenue share in the Global Spectrometry Market by Type in 2021; thereby, achieving a market value of $5.9 billion by 2028.

The North America market dominated the Global Spectrometry Market by Region in 2021; thereby, achieving a market value of $6.0 billion by 2028.



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