Consulting Services

KBV research aims toward providing a comprehensive, research-centric view that puts forth a fundamental contribution in developing business intelligence and combating market challenges. Our consulting team represents broad expertise pools and stands united in its commitments to our clients. The team is passionate about its business goals, which helps in stimulating quick and effective decision-making. KBV Research ascertains new growth opportunities to help you in laying the initial steps of your business. Our team ensures seamless client services while working collaboratively with our team of seasoned experts and explores the ever-ranging industry verticals.

Key Offerings:

Approach to Market Study:

Selecting an advantageous approach for a market is very crucial for a business when it concerns with maximizing revenue generation. The selection procedure involves intensive market analysis and expertise in supply chain management as well as in domain knowledge. Key challenges focused in these services take into account:

  • Optimum channel to expand sales
  • Evaluation and deterrence of threat from domestic companies
  • Distribution channel setting of significant competitors
  • Identification and thorough attention of impending distributors
  • Risk assessment and risk barriers for market entry
  • Cost analysis and profitability among the industry chain

Market Entrance Study:

The idea of breaking into a new market indicates potential risks. A company that is planning to introduce an existing product in a new market or a new product in an existing market seeks authentic research insights about the desired market. KBV Research ensures providing accurate and meaningful insights for future growth and opportunities with a research vision to help you in getting a clear picture of the market. Expertise in market research enables our team to establish informed decisions and recommendations for lowering risk and ensure a path of sustainable growth. Our consulting services provide key analytical insights on below specified business aspects:

  • Market penetration
  • Market entry
  • Market competition analysis
  • Brand evaluation
  • Sales/ Marketing/ Distribution strategies
  • Partnership evaluations
  • Geographical assessment studies
  • Dip-stick business potential studies

Business Management:

The muddled scenario of the global economy has compelled organizations to branch out its business interests to ensure profitability and liquidity. The consultants and analysts of KBV Research can offer a diversified strategic approach to speed up optimum management of portfolio by emphasizing on below-mentioned points:

  • Both macro and micro level analysis provides a snapshot of the overall industry outlook.
  • Analysis of granular levels by counting each business/SBU on a singular level and establishing key market analysis, forecasts, and estimates
  • Standardizing business sectors on key constraints to facilitate selection on the basis of long-run growth
  • Upstream and downstream growth prospects

Competition Intelligence:

Identification and evaluation of competition are the key elements in planning corporate strategies which focus on acquiring and preserving share in the market. KBV Research ensures an all-inclusive support to deliver a competitive edge to its clients that sets it apart from other competitors. . Some of the services offered and prominent issues addresses in competitive insights are:

  • Competitor profiling consisting of financial performance, distribution channels, products/services offered, and strategic initiatives
  • SWOT, PESTEL and Porter’s analysis for evaluating competitive threats
  • Competitor gauging for measuring performance
  • Best practices of an industry
  • Identifying a merger, acquisition, and partnership targets
  • Strategic advisory

Partner & Vendor Management:

Nowadays, managing the distribution network in organizations and the need for ensuring efficiency in product distribution has become a vital component in businesses. The consulting team at KBV Research delivers in-depth research into distribution and vendor management space, a procedure that commences with segmentation of the industry value chain. Our team offers insights for key questions including:

  • Industry value chain
  • Key market players and their contribution to the distribution network
  • Earning prospects and profit margins in the industry with the benefit of forward/backward integration
  • Identification of appropriate channel partners/vendors
  • Benchmarking vendors to support in selection along with cutting down on distribution costs

Customer Insights:

The current global business environment is emerging as a customer-centric environment wherein, brand equity stands as a significant competitive advantage. KBV Research offers crucial insights keeping in mind the needs of a customer. These insights help an organization in building connections with its client and form well-founded brand recall value. Fundamental issues that our team addresses to consist of:

  • Identifying target customers
  • Analysis of a consumer’s need and behavior
  • Analysis of customer segmentation
  • Customer viewpoint of self and competition
  • Product positioning