Why Proactive services are Beneficial for Organizations

In many fields such as healthcare, demand is very high sometimes but capacity is relatively fixed over periods, which leads to delays for customers. To reduce such delays, providers of service often execute mechanisms that aim to adjust customer demand.

One such mechanism is proactive services. To be proactive means to change the things, in the desired direction, for the betterment of the company and the customers.

To combat different issues and downtime, organizations across the world are looking at ways to improve their capability and make them more resilient. Proactive services have a big role to play in this whole process. The concept behind proactive services is to quickly recognize and provide a remedy for anticipated problems even before they arise. Proactive services are a big aid to businesses that aim to enhance their customer base and brand loyalty.

Proactive behavior involves initiating change, not just anticipating it. It only not involves the vital features of flexibility and adaptability towards an uncertain future. To be proactive means to take the initiative to improve the business. On the other hand, behavior that is not proactive includes sitting passive and let the customers try to make things happen. Proactive services distinguish the organization from the rest of the marketplace.

Benefits of Proactive Services

Proactive service offers more than a “feel good” emotion.  The following are some reasons why proactive service makes good sense for businesses across the globe.

1. Long-Term Value

In the modern era companies are estimating the long term value or profitability of their customers. It is often seen that meeting or sometimes exceeding customers’ expectations of support from companies optimize their longevity and hence, increases their value.

For instance, a leading airline proactively sends the text or an automated voice message to customers to make them aware of the flight delays and extreme weather warnings before they head out to the airport. Simple proactive customer service like this can often make the lives of customers better at a practical level.

2. Retain Existing Customers

Proactively having an engagement with your existing customers, even if they have not reached out to you in a direct manner, could strengthen the already built relationships. With the increasing presence of social media and customers turning to it for enhanced customer services, one must go ahead and identify the patterns and behavior of their customer base to provide better solutions to their problems.

3. Satisfaction of Customers

Having all the employees working together as a force boosts mutual understanding and provides an enhanced and more satisfying experience for all the involved staff. These things matters to the customers because there is clear evidence that happy employees can provide better customer service.

4. Positive Impact

In an era where organizations that adopt the title of change-makers than changer watchers, and individuals survive and advance by expanding their contributions and making a noticeable difference, proactive services and behavior have numerous benefits to offer. Proactive services generally have an optimistic influence on how the organization is perceived by others.

How to Start the Proactive Services

The following tips will help you to develop a solid proactive service strategy that helps your business to grow excel.

  1. Companies must leverage the buying patterns as well as trends of the customers to get an insight into the needs and other opportunities. For this, companies should not rely on the data alone, but they should keenly observe what customers do.
  2. Develop a proactive strategy that suits the business model and opts for the tools that best meet the customers’ preferences and needs.
  3. Develop and execute a listening strategy that can identify and resolve issues before they come to the surface. For this, the company can make an assessment so that only the best employees who are good listeners, proactive and empathetic can handle such tasks.

Future Outlooks

The goal of any proactive services should be to identify and provide information about the already existing vulnerability and viable solution before they even occur.

Recent studies find that customers prefer those services providers that take the initiative to get to them before they have to initiate contact for themselves.  Customers respond positively when companies proactively identify and solve problems before they discover them for themselves.

Recent trends show that customers who receive proactive services have experienced a greater optimistic effect and engage in more favorable attitudes and behavior towards the company.

Proactive services reflect the three important features of personal initiative as demonstrated by customer service representatives.

First, it requires behavior that is self-started. This behavior often shows that behavior that exceeds the demands of the customer. Second, it involves the orientation of long term behavior of forward-thinking. Third, it results in the execution of the planned strategy that could result in the dividends for them.

For the future, we can say that proactive services have the potential to alter the behavior of the customers positively. Moreover, proactive services have a consistently favorable influence on customer behavior and mindset than the other corrective methods.

Summing up

As proactive services become increasingly significant for both organizations and customers, it can be assumed the proactive services market will take an upward curve in the next few years. Customer services play a vital role in the entire journey of customer that starts from buying a product to ensure complete purchase satisfaction. Proactive service aims to make customers happy with accurate and useful information at the time of need.

Hence, we can say that by engaging in proactive services, any organization would benefit because customers love and respect when companies address and identify their issues even before that occur. Proactive services are a great way to build brand image because when a company initiates the process of solving issues from their side, the customer responds to such behavior by engaging in a long term relationship with the company, which in turn becomes the driver for overall growth.

As the nature of work is constantly changing in the 21st century, this approach becomes all the more important today. The Global Proactive Services Market size is expected to rise at a market growth of 19.7% CAGR during the forecast period.