How Ready to Drink Shakes boost protein shakes demand?

How Ready to Drink Shakes boost protein shakes demand?


The Ready to Drink Shakes Market has been growing at a constant pace over the last few years. Even though not every product meets the expected requirements that athletes demand from their drinks. Several tests have been done to verify which has main consideration on the right composition.  These ready-to-drink shakes are considered with their unexpected biological worth and ideal availability. These shakes majorly contribute to muscle gain, and also in the maintenance and regrowth of the muscles. Ready-to-drink (RTD) industry includes companies that make RTD energy drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit and yogurt, and sports related drinks. RTD beverages industry is different from other beverage industry and the difference is in the value and structures that are attached with these beverages for example these are useful, no mixing or brewing needs to be done before consumption, no adding of any supplements.

What Are Ready to Drink Shakes?

These Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages are pre-packaged drinks which are all set for consumption. These can be both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic. The alcohol based RTDs are generally termed as flavoured alcoholic beverages that can be taken directly or can be mixed into cocktails and alcohol. Some other RTDs which are flavoured with Tea and Coffee can be directly consumed. The flavoured with tea are retailed as Iced Tea or Herbal tea, in the same manner coffee flavoured RTDs are sold as Cafe Latte and Cold Coffee drinks. All these types of flavoured RTDs are generally consumed by the younger demographics in various parts of the world. All products solely for beverages have captured the value of functional placing, which further challenges nutrition and performance drinks. Just to stay updated in terms of competition, performance and nutritional, these brands should select promoting and substantiating at a larger scale. These brands should also concentrated on natural positioning by introducing competing categories’ based on whole foods, for example 100% coffee and tea, as their ingredients.

Protein Shakes an Emerging Product in the Ready to Drink Shakes Industry:

If we look at the "sport-related" product sector, it is growing at a money-spinning pace. Protein shakes are gaining more demand among the young gym-goers due to a wide range of benefits. To begin with, protein intake is considered essential factor for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis (MPS). While doing hard workouts which may require additional protein intake in your diet. Consumption of protein shakes is a common way for adults and athletes to capture protein and restock muscles after a rigorous exercise. Consumption of protein provides a protein balance in your body. This protein includes vital amino acids in the process. When there are insufficient amino acids from long gaps of not eating or stress caused by exercise, it gives a negative impact. Adequate amount of protein shake intake helps body back into the required body need for the optimal muscle growth.

Types of Ready to Drink Shakes:

Bottles: This type of packaging mainly includes PET and glass bottles. It has gained attraction mostly because of its reusability. Companies are also using recycled plastic bottles to gain tax advantage from the government and also for eco-friendly performance. It’s not only about tax benefit, but also recycled bottle reduces packaging cost, where company gains profit.

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Cans: The aluminium cans are easily and frequently recycled in comparison to glass or PET bottles, which saves 95% more energy if done by using raw materials and consuming the value solely in the recycling chain, in addition to this these are more recyclable from all beverage containers (on an average it contains 70 percent recycled metal). Recycled aluminium cans can be available in as less as 60 days such as glass and plastic which are typically “down-cycled” into end-products for example carpet landfill liner or fibre, while other aluminium cans can be recycled again and again in a “closed loop” of the recycling process.

Tetra Packs: Rapid increase in consumer awareness about the limitations of plastic packaged products plays an important role in the growth. Furthermore, it has gained popularity amongst consumers as easy to use product. With the rapid increase, the manufacturers have also increased the production of tetra packed because of cost efficiency. Different governments provide taxes saving strategies onto the tetra packed as these are environment-friendly.

Drawbacks Associated with Ready to Drink Shakes:

Substituting certain meals with protein shakes may be stated as a successful weight loss strategy, but actually it becomes less feasible when this action is done for a long term. In near future, an individual might develop nutrient insufficiencies if you reduce the consumption of meals with these shakes or regaining of the weight you lost soon after you get back to your previous eating habits. Protein shakes cause health problems on consumption, but at the same time they could be harmful if you intake with a combination of a high-protein diet. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, constantly surpassing daily protein requirements leads to kidney complication, high blood cholesterol, and elevated heart disease risk and weight gain.


The ready-to-drink shakes market is gaining huge prominence across the globe as they are easily available for consumption without any further mixing or preparation. These shakes give advantages such as convenience and portability to consumers. These are also responsible for a chance to incorporate exciting packaging and new ingredients, like carbonation. The precise category includes both refrigerated and shelf-stable beverages, the demand is strong for shelf-stable products which additionally offers ease of supply and packing. The industry includes companies that yields ready-to-drink energy drinks for example coffee, tea, fruits and yogurt, vegetable smoothies, and sports drinks. The industry is differentiated from various types of beverages industry and segregation in between them is the quality and structures that are available with the ready to drink beverages; these are appropriate, they don't need any mix or brew before drinking, and also there is no need of including any additives or supplements. Moreover, the Global Ready-To-Drink Shakes Market is expected to grow at a market growth of 5.8% CAGR over the prediction period.