Portable UV Sanitization Box disinfect COVID-19 Virus & Germs

The modern era has been the rapid growth of infectious diseases. Moreover, incidents associated with infections in hospitals, growing cases of chronic diseases, and number of surgical operation all over the world are developing demand for a product that has the ability to disinfect and sanitize the objects.

These days, many infections, viruses, and diseases happen due to bacteria or other microorganisms. In such conditions, it becomes necessary to regularly sanitize the small items that we carry with ourselves throughout the day. That is when the concept of UV sanitizing boxes comes into play and guards us against the various kinds of microorganisms that may harm us.

What are UV Sanitizing Boxes?

The UV Sanitizing box can be considered as a programmed disinfectant chamber that has the ability to sanitize small items, for example, cell phones, watches, rings, currency notes, masks, and key rings, giving protection against germs, microscopic organisms, and infections on the surface of objects. The UV sterilization box is a portable 9-watt Ultraviolet-C light chamber manufactured in a specific way that assists with sterilizing and sanitize small items within a short period.

How Portable UV Sanitizing Boxes Work

The portable UV sanitizing boxes sanitizes bottles, pacifiers, mobile phones, watches, rings, currency notes, and masks, etc, in just a few seconds so that you can be on your way and do the tasks. The portable UV sanitizing boxes have the capability to safely destroy 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses including the Coronavirus by just using UV light. This has been independently tested and proved by many labs across the world. The fact that UV sanitizing boxes work against Covid-19 makes them more preferred over other choices available in the market. These boxes do not require any chemicals, heat, or water.

UV LED lights in most of the Sanitizing boxes are mercury. Most of the Portable UV sanitizing boxes are handy and they can easily be thrown into a purse or bag, so when you need it, it’s right near you. These boxes are perfect for home use. However, they become extra handy for public places, for example, daycare, sports ground, doctor’s offices, airports, and more. Studies have shown that UV light is a secure and proven method of eliminating bacteria. Moreover, UV light is also used by numerous hospitals to disinfect everything from operating rooms to surgical tools.

Effectiveness of UV sanitizing Boxes

UV technology has been really popular in healthcare industry for air and surface disinfection. In addition, it’s ozone-free and leaves no harmful residue or chemicals. The UV sanitizing boxes are also safe to use. In a case when the lid gets open during the use, the in-built safety protection mechanism will turn off the UV light automatically.

Above all, these boxes are known to kill different types of harmful bacteria. Some of them are listed below:

1. Escherichia coli

You suffer from E.coli infection when you absorb the strain of these bacteria. E.coli can cause a severe infection even if ingested into small amounts. Other diseases and symptoms associated with E.coli are diarrhea, abdominal cramping, pain, nausea, and vomiting.

2. Influenza A (HINI)

The flu affects your whole body and can have severe complications in people with chronic illness. It is a highly contagious illness associated with respiratory system. These viruses cause various influenza-like illnesses such as cough, fever, sore throat sometimes accompanied by nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Just wonder if we develop any of the above-mentioned illnesses or symptoms, many of us would tremble with fear. That is when Portable UV sanitizing boxes come to our rescue and takes us out of danger by disinfecting the things we touch most in our day to day life. Moreover, these boxes also destroy odor-causing bacteria and sanitize without using harmful chemicals.

Many studies have shown that our mobile phone contains 10 times more bacteria than a public toilet. That’s really pathetic, isn’t it? We must sanitize and disinfect these electronic products to prevent the transmission of germs. UV sanitizing boxes do the work for us. They are proven to eliminate the DNA structure of the germs, hence kill the bacteria and viruses.


The growing awareness regarding the sterilizing daily-used items to stay healthy during this pandemic has increased the growth of the Portable UV sanitizing Boxes Market. The Portable UV sanitizing boxes lets you sanitize the small items of daily use with ease. The devices utilize the scientifically proven ultraviolet (UV) technology that kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

There are various advantages of these boxes which have already been discussed. These boxes are a must-have especially during Corona Virus when everything from mobile phones to ring is prone to viruses. The Global Portable UV Sanitizing Boxes Market size is expected to rise at a market growth of 14.3% CAGR during the forecast period.