Glamping: A Well-Furnished Luxury Items in a Tent

Glamping: A Well-Furnished Luxury Items in a Tent

Imagine! You are in the middle of a forest with a beautiful view outside, having your favorite coffee and getting a hot water shower. You must be thinking that how can it be possible to get a coffee and hot shower in the middle of a forest. But it is possible! Glamping makes it possible.

Glamping is a combination of Camping and luxury. It is a modern-day concept that adds glamour to traditional camping. Many glamping companies are offering various luxurious amenities in nature's arm.

There are many people, who want to go camping but don't want to compromise on comfort. Such demand from customers motivates vendors to think more creatively to combine luxury and nature, by keeping the soul of both things.

Here, in this article, we will tell you why glamping is becoming a popular concept in today's world. So, you should not miss out on this! Continue reading this article to know the reasons.

Why glamping is gaining more popularity?

From the past few years, there is an increase in the demand for glamping services. People are widely inclining towards the experience of a modern version of camping. By offering a package that contains resort-style service in natural places, companies are gaining more buzz among people.

Although, many reasons are there to determine the hype of glamping we are mentioning a few of them below:

Nature's beauty

One of the reasons why glamping is gaining popularity is that people are now aware of the importance of nature and hence wants to experience vacation in a natural setting. It is a modern version of camping, where people stay close to nature.

Many people prefer going to places where they can get fresh air, water and feel closer to nature. Those people can surely opt for glamping to experience Mother Nature with comfort services.

Luxurious stay

Earlier, camping does not include comfortable services and amenities but now they get the experience of camping with all luxurious services. People want to experience luxurious stays closer to natural landscapes.

Facilities like wifi, comfortable beds, swimming pool, etc are packaged together for fulfilling customer's needs. You will get 24hour electricity, water and everything you expect from a resort-like service.

Peace of mind

Glamping is hassle-free and less populous. This thing attracts more people as it provides staycation far from the hassle of the city. People can experience calm and peace during glamping. Less populous sites of glamping help people to spend time with their loved ones and experience peace.

Many people want to regain their energy and peace from the hectic schedule of their life, that's why they choose glamping to gain back energy and peace.

Exotic views

Most of the glamping companies are focusing on providing an exotic natural view to the customers that further create more demand for glamping. These exotic views at exotic locations attract more customers for experiencing glamping.

Many companies are putting more stress on searching for different undiscovered exotic locations to attract more customers.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to adopt staycations where there are fewer people and are more connected to nature. Glamping also takes care of social distance in the norm as each camp is located at different places. The lockdown across various countries has created an urge of people to go somewhere to get a break from the situation.

To sum up

Glamping is the term that is gaining popularity in the 21st century; it is an upgraded version of traditional camping. Under glamping, you can experience various luxurious services with an exotic view of nature. It provides peace to the people from the hassle of normal life.

Many people do not prefer the traditional camping style due to the discomfort that arises from it. However, they still want to wander at natural places like mountains, beaches, etc. Hence, glamping is the best option for all non-campers people who want to experience camping with comfort.

The glamping market will witness a surge due to the factors like increasing disposable income, post the covid-19 impact and the growing trend of staycations. However, the rising popularity of recreational vehicles and the busy schedule of people will hamper the growth of the market.

Thus, The Global Glamping Market is anticipated to increase at 17.5% CAGR during the forecast period.