Best Features of Sunglasses You Should Have

Best Features of Sunglasses You Should Have

Sunglasses are a very popular fashion statement accessory. It not only adds to the fashion statement but also protects eyes from different radiations and heat. Most of us have sunglasses and we use them too, but have you ever wonder if these sunglasses have some benefits?

They are not just another fashion accessory but also give up a protective shield to the eyes. There are many types of sunglasses available in the market in different shapes, size, colour and even material. All these things are important to fulfil the requirement of customer as per their need.

Wearing sunglasses can never get out of fashion, so it is better to invest in good quality sunglasses which can make a difference. It is one of the common things you can find in everybody is a bag, wallet or car. In this article, we will try to put stress on the health benefit and kinds of sunglasses available in the market.

Benefits of wearing sunglasses

  • Eyewear has always been an integral part of human clothing & accessories. One of the most popular and stylish eyewear is sunglasses that offer a bunch of benefits. So, we are listing down some of the benefits related to wearing sunglasses:
  • One of the major benefits of wearing sunglasses is that it protects our eyes from the harmful UV Rays emitted from the sun. It provides a shield to the eyes and safeguards them from excess heat and light.
  • It enhances the fashion statement of people by adding new and variant colours to the outfit. Your outfit is not complete if you do not carry your sunglasses with it. So wear it up to charm the world!
  • By wearing sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from dust & dirt. While driving cars or any two-wheelers, people wear sunglasses to add a shield to the eyes for its protection against dirt and dust.
  • Many people wear sunglasses when they go out in the snow, it is because sunglasses help in eliminating the reflection of light from the snow. When the sunlight hits snow, it reflects and lightens up the area with more light.

Types of sunglasses

Sunglasses are a category of eyewear that protects eyes from any kind of damage caused by harmful sun rays. Mostly, these glasses come in different colours to make them look attractive while providing protection.

There is a wide range of sunglasses that you can access in different shape, size, material, and colour. These sunglasses come in different types like polarized, non-polarized, tinted, and concave or convex lens sunglasses.

  • Polarised sunglasses have reduced glares that are more comfortable for the eyes. It prevents the reflection of light and thus a good option while driving and doing sports activities.
  • Non-polarized sunglasses treat sunlight equally and decrease the total intensity. It does not tackle with sparkle and shimmers.
  • Tinted sunglasses are the most popular and basic sunglasses. They are the colour sunglasses with UV protection lens.
  • Concave or convex lens sunglasses are for people who have weak sight and want to wear sight corrector sunglasses. It is a customised sunglass according to a person's demand. So that anyone can use it as spectacles + sunglasses.

How these sunglasses made?

There are some sunglasses, which are made based on their ultimate purpose. For example, a sunglass for sports is made from impact-resistant materials to protect the eyes with a tinted colour.

However, in the case of casual wear, these sunglasses are then, manufactured by using materials that have less resilience as they don't require similar strength.

During the manufacturing process, manufacturers use different types of raw material depending on the end-users and purpose. Raw materials like CR-39 orally diglycol carbonate (ADC), polycarbonate, and silicone hydrogel make these glasses suitable for further usage.

Many companies are manufacturing these raw materials and providing them to the manufacturers of sunglasses. Those manufacturers are making products with certain specific needs like anti-scratch or scratch-resistant coating, anti-reflection (AR) coating, etc.


Sunglasses are the ultimate partner of the fashion world that also offers certain benefits. It helps in blocking the UV rays from damaging the eyes. In addition, there are a lot of varieties of sunglasses available in the market.

The market for sunglasses is growing due to the factors like increasing living standards and awareness among people regarding harmful UV rays. Additionally, the rising disposable income is also contributing to the growth of the market. However, the high prices of sunglasses will restrict the market growth.

Therefore, the Global Sunglasses Market is estimated to rise at a 6% CAGR during the forecast years.