Voice Biometrics for Better Consumer Experience

Voice Biometrics for Better Consumer Experience

Voice Biometrics Market has gained prominence due to the requirement of evidence safety methods based on technology and devices which prevents hampering of critical information. In case of the voice biometrics, the username and password is inadequate, as it can be hacked and used falsely. For the fraud detection, biometrics identification is considered the best technology.

As the identity theft is still a concern and the subsequent need for steadily helping customers access data, voice biometrics is considered one of the best answers to the on-going experiments and for the security of the customer data. This technology is considered one of the convenient methods of verification to be done through voiceprints, or a two-factor authentication process, which is a combination of information the customer, knows which can be a password or PIN or has a cell phone with a caller ID, or may be a credit card also. It provides an extra coat of security for delicate information and financial transactions.


Voice biometrics is said to be in frequent use of voice recognition which is done by analysing individuals speech, tone, voice and pitch. As per the security terms, it has an advantage over passwords, which means that passwords can be traced or taken over easily. Just because the voice of anyone is as distinctive in itself as compared to a fingerprint.

With this technology, anything said by a person is stored by a refined system and is compared with the previous stored voice. All of this is happening at the time while a person is talking. To identify a person with voice is a tough task. But this happens because the voice can be influenced by several factors, which can be either physical or behavioural. This voiceprint is an algorithm driven and this further generates a voiceprint which is a mix of different calculations. This behavioural and physical feature provides an extraordinary digital representation.


Voice biometrics authenticates a user based on numerous vocal structures for example hand geometry, harmonics, range and pitch, etc. In an ideal world this certification exercise is nearly not possible but it is extremely accurate when performed. Furthermore, the reasons which define the need for these devices are mentioned below:

Security & Accuracy: Voice biometrics is reliable, provides accurate imitation and perfect authentication to technical developments made such as microphones and handling power both in mobile devices and servers. Spoofing and hacking keeps the application to encounter replay attacks and decrease unauthorized access.

Privacy: Server confirmation engines offers control to facilities and the data stored by the service provider. For the consumer, the confirmation technology allows them to maintain control over the biometric identifications, and protecting the privacy by eliminating the necessity in allocating the sensitive information to servers.

Cost: Voice biometrics is a total cost-effective method as it diminishes the condition of any hardware investment made by the user. In order to decrease the added cost, the microphones can be easily used in mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

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Face Recognition: Face recognition is a part of voice biometric application which validates an individual based on the digital image and then comparing the patterns generated. This unique type of biometric is systems. Nowadays, the facial recognition system is working with face prints and hence these systems identify up to 80 nodal points on a human face.

Iris Recognition: Iris recognition is another crucial method of identifying individuals based on sole patterns in the area of ring shape surrounding of the pupil of an individual’s eye. Normally, the iris of an individual has a unique pattern like blue, brown, green or grey colour which can be inspected only with a close inspection.

Fingerprint Recognition: Fingerprint Recognition includes captivating a fingerprint image of an individual and additionally records the features for example minutiae, whorls, furrows and arches. For matching the fingerprints, there are three ways which is minutiae, correlation and ridge.


Maximized Security and Lower Fraud: The number of attacks all over the industries has enlarged the requirement for unique verification. Various PINs and security related queries, which consists of voice biometrics clearly identifies that the person calling is certainly the right one.

Reduces Costs: The companies on an average decrease the Average Handle Time by 30+ seconds on each and every call for individual verification. This means not only there is an increase in efficiency in security procedure, but also there is increase in cost savings methods in association with the less time taken by agents in validating the customers.

Improved Customer experience: Another advantage for using the voice biometric is that it captures the potential to improve customer involvements. With the adoption of voice biometrics, the callers are not required to share passcodes or PINs or answers questions just for verification of their originality.


Voice Biometrics Market is becoming prominent owing to a wide range of factors. This is a technology with the help of which human ears can differentiate voices, however, voice biometrics can differentiate the voices that are undistinguishable to individual ears. Voice biometrics considers numerous measures to create a voice print and identifies where it further diverges. Many enterprises worldwide controls voice biometrics to remove fraud, unauthorized access, theft and protect their customers. With the adoption of remote identification, particular voice biometrics is felt, with the effective voice biometrics verification the user might not notice that he or she has gone through voice verification. Furthermore, the Global Voice Biometrics Market size is expected to grow at a market growth of 22.7% CAGR during the forecast period.