Smart Ticket: A Technology that makes travel smooth

Smart Ticket: A Technology that makes travel smooth

Smart Ticketing is a procedure which stores ticket on a microchip electronically, which is immersed on a Smartcard. This procedure permits the users to skip the ticket counters at the stations.

Customers can purchase tickets for a particular period in advance or we can load credit into the account. So as to authorize their travel, the users need to swipe the card or their phone over the NFC reader on the ticketing machine or on the barriers or we need to show a QR card to the scanner. After this either the machine verifies the ticket or charges the account for the same.

Smart tickets are way safer than paper ones. It’s tougher to get a duplicate copy of the ticket if a smartcard is lost or stolen; a ticket that is associated with it can be reversed

Application of Smart Ticketing

Smart ticketing is a new-age technology that provides high convenience to the masses. It provides access to all the transportation services through just a click of their Smartphone.

1. Railways

Smart ticketing is very helpful when it comes to traveling. With the help of smart ticketing, a person can skip the queue and just book the ticket online from anywhere at any point in time. This ticket can even be booked in advance too so as to make it convenient.

As we all travel through railways so to make it a bit comfortable for passengers so that they can easily get a smart card which is a part of the smart ticketing method. These smart cards can be purchased or renewed online easily from anywhere.

2. Roadways

We all travel through various road transportations in our daily life. If we prevail smart ticketing methods it becomes easy for the passengers to avail all the benefits which come along with this new age ticketing method.

While traveling through public transports or any road transport smart ticketing makes it a bit advantageous as the passengers can easily purchase tickets online with the help of their Smartphone’s while sitting anywhere and at anytime.

3. Airways

While traveling through airways we can utilize this method of smart ticketing as a passenger can easily book air tickets online before hand and avail various benefits. It’s a hassle-free way to book tickets as this method helps a person to easily book the ticket any time.

Smart ticketing helps the passengers in various aspects such as price, exchange, refunds, and resale. In any of such situations, passengers don’t need to physically visit the place so as to avail exchange, return or refund; they can easily do it online from anywhere which makes it more convenient for them.

4. Sports & Entertainment

In today’s world, every person usually lacks time and they want to enjoy life as well. So it becomes very comfortable for them to book tickets either of sports tournament or any sort of entertainment. The masses can easily book the tickets in advance to avoid hassle last minute.

Smart ticketing comes up as a new invention in the ticketing system in the entertainment and sports industries. It’s an economical and well-organized way to manage the viewers.

Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 has been prevailing around the globe. Due to the prevailing pandemic, people were restrained from traveling in and around the world because the pandemic was also spreading through the touch. So here Smart Ticketing has come as a savior for the people as well as for the governments and service providers. So due to these Smart Ticketing methods, people were able to make a touch less travel which restricted the spreading of Covid-19.

Benefits of Smart Ticketing

  • It provides great comfort to passengers as they can buy tickets from anywhere at any time of the day.
  • It’s a Cost-Effective method as it has transparency over the prices and the prevailing offers so that the tickets are booked efficiently.
  • It’s an effortless method as it doesn’t require much effort it’s been performed with just a click of a button at any point of time.
  • This is an Eco-friendly method as in this method paper is being replaced by smart cards which eventually results in saving paper and helping the environment.
  • It’s a faster way of availing tickets as it saves time and energy for a person because it’s the simplest and smartest way of buying tickets.


Smart-Ticketing is a new age revolution. It’s the best way to book tickets for everything either it be transportation or sports. This ticketing method is the most convenient way as it helps potential buyers to buy the tickets at anytime from anywhere. It helps the customer in the most efficient and effective manner.

Smart ticketing is an eco-friendly manner as due to this method the customers purchase tickets online so the copy of the tickets is on their Smartphone’s. Otherwise they use Smart card which eventually cut downs the usage of paper and helps in saving the environment.

The Global Smart Ticketing Market size is expected to rise at a market growth of 15.6% CAGR during the forecast period.