Self Organizing Networks Simplified

Self Organizing Networks Simplified


The demand for wireless access is gaining prominence. As internet and internet based services gain prominence in the business Eco system, the need for wireless systems has substantially increased in the last few years. As the global business arena is increasingly getting competitive, an edge can be gained by incorporating advanced technologies to offer enhanced user experience. One of the prominent ways to maximize profitability is to enhance the overall performance of the networks. By providing wireless access with superior performance and also focusing on empowering operation and maintenance, the process will eventually be a perfect combination that will offer both customer delight and profitability. The introduction of self organizing network, also called SON was introduced as a part of 3GPP long term evolution, would be a major contributor for the improvement of operations and management. The primary attribute of incorporating SON is to reduce cost of installation and management. The end result is achieved due to simplification of operational tasks, as automation of mechanism is achieved. Most of the tasks are automated such as configuration and optimization.

The current telecom ecosystem is geared to witness unprecedented growth in cellular network traffic. Enhanced use of mobile Internet and rapid uptake in LTE technology are the key factors that are responsible for the telecom sector to grow. Growing number of people using smartphones for both personal and official use has had a sustained impact on the mobile network. To ensure seamless connectivity and better service offering, telecom companies have resorted to technologies that could add value to the business. Self organizing network offers exceptional benefits which the network operates can put to use with minimal technical upgrade. Managing network traffic, reducing operational cost, load balancing, and eventually better customer care are a few immediate benefits of implementing SON. Also, managing multi-technology and multi-vendor networks becomes much easier and simplified; therefore, can deliver faster services and at lower cost. The technological advancement offered by the SON technology has caused a lot of companies to adopt the technology widely. Therefore, the market would have tremendous growth in the future.

Some of the major benefits are:

  • Excellent management architecture
  • Self configuration
  • Self optimization
  • Automated fault identification and self healing
  • User perceived quality enhancement
  • Energy saving