A good protein supplement can help with your goals

A good protein supplement can help with your goals

Protein supplements are made to enhance the muscle mass along with a regular exercise routine. Protein concentrates are the extracted proteins from the raw materials using heat or enzymes. Protein is a very crucial component that helps in the growth of muscle. Various athletes and gym enthusiasts consume protein shakes as they have faith in these drinks, and it will help them in bulking-up post their strength training process. The research suggested that protein supplements increase strength and muscle size in adults while lifting weights.

What are protein supplements?

Protein supplements are a concentrated source of plant and animal source centered protein obtainable to customers in bars, powders, or drinks made for athletes. Different supplements include added ingredients, including sweeteners and flavorings, vitamins and minerals. High protein supplements are mainly for gym goers and sports people to increase their muscle mass and strength. The athletes and bodybuilders are beneficial with the consumption of protein supplements, as they need protein with intensive physical activity. Protein is building blocks of muscle, and bone, skin.

The recommended daily intake of protein among the age group of 19 years or above is 46 g for women and 56 g for men. If finding difficulties unable to meet these amounts, it mostly includes vegans and vegetarians, may be easy to cope up with the least protein needs. Older adults, weight lifters, athletes, and people with chronic illness requirements excess the normal protein intake recommendation. Research states that athletes with hard training regimen benefits from twice daily as recommended the intake of protein, that ranges from 1.4 g to 2.0 g per kg of body weight.

Which are the best protein supplements?

  • Casein

Casein secretes less protein, which is found mainly in cheese and milk; thereby, forming proteins majorly found in foods. Casein protein is consumed before bed. In the same way, if you choose for alternating fasting, casein protein removes hunger pains just before your first meal, as your stomach generally feels full. Casein is about 80 percent of the protein in milk. Henceforth, it is a combination of proteins along with molecules that are collected to form Casein Micelle. With the use of casein micelle, it makes different functions possible, for example, the ease of digestion and the growth and development of an individual.

  • Whey protein

Whey is a component that is used in the cheese making process which is the liquid left from the strained milk. The powder form of whey protein is also the most popular sports nutrition based-product found across the world because of its availability, cost, and effectiveness. Whey protein gets digested immediately and gets mixed in the digestive system so it gets into the blood circulation and gets inherited into the muscles to give benefit after rigorous training for the recovery process. It is also important to know that the idea of consuming this protein is to fill in the nutritional breaks of a whole diet.

  • Egg protein

Eggs are the standard to measure protein quality. One egg provides 6 grams of protein, which means70 calories as a whole. High-quality proteins such as eggs provide a fast recovery process after an exercise. Eggs have attained the protein digestibility score of 97%, which includes all essential and non-essential amino acids. A single egg white provides 3.6 grams of protein and 17 calories as a whole. Consuming egg whites in the powered form provides up to 25 grams of protein per serve through nominal calories and fat. This equals to consuming 7 egg whites in the form of easy-to-drink shakes.

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Why have protein supplements become so essential?

The demand for protein supplements among the young generation has increased among the athletes as they provide a wide range of benefits like increasing strength, lowering cholesterol, the building of muscles, and improving immunity, fighting cancer, and lowering blood pressure. The growing trend of joining gyms and bodybuilding centers inspires consumers in consuming sports nutrition products for increasing their immunity and build muscles.

Adopting fast foods and packaged foods along with the increasingly sedentary lifestyle are leading to an increase in the occurrence of diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Reason being, the consumers belonging to the higher socio-economic and upper middle class, perceive nutraceuticals to be the alternatives to prescription drugs. The consumption of dietary supplements is not only restricted to fulfilling the daily requirement of specific nutrients but also, consumers consider the health benefits of such supplements for prevention of diseases.

The bottom line

The protein supplement market has come up in recent years due to the growth in demand for sports nutrition products and its value-added tag as clean label ingredients. The rise of clean label is just one of multiple trends that have come forth over the last few years. However, there are a few which are showing no signs of slowing, i.e., manufacturers, suppliers and retailers alike need to be aware of these if they are to maintain or increase their share of the global market space. Moreover, the Global Protein Supplements Market is expected to skyrocket at a growth rate of CAGR 7.76% over the forecast period.