3 Reasons Why Business Process Automation is Important

3 Reasons Why Business Process Automation is Important

When recurring business processes or tasks get automated by using technology, then this process is termed business process automation. There are many tasks in a firm, which are to be done regularly without any error. Thus, businesses make these processes automated to reduce the time and manual workforce.

There are many application and software which falls under business process automation domain. You can easily use them by recognizing the apt tool that suits your needs. In addition, BPA enables companies to shift from their traditional data management to more advanced software systems and programs to combine all the required applications.

Here, in this article, we will tell you about different aspects, need, and software related to business process automation.

Why is it important to use business process automation?

There could be many reasons to use the tools or software for business process automation depending on the company to company. But here we are mentioning some of the major reasons to go with this business automation process:

1. Manual process vs. automated process

In this digital age, where everything is getting digital or on the verge of it, automation in business is a must. There are more chances of getting errors in a manual business process than an automated one. Additionally, you can easily implement effective software to do one task that requires more workforces to do it manually.

2. Get a clear vision for implementing different strategies

Business process automation helps in getting a clear picture of different processes and gives clarity to all employees for process mapping which also acts as a training resource. In addition, You get better insights about the business to plan and execute various strategies. By incorporating various software you will get proper knowledge about employees’ performance, accuracy in tasks, and many more.

3. Simplifies various business processes

This reason is the most important and common reason to adopt business process automation. By choosing the automation process, you can simplify many business processes that were hectic to do manually. Further, the automation software or application provides customizable notifications, and quick turnaround times to help in making it easier to reduce wasteful activities and improve tasks that add value.

Top 3 BPA software available in the market

We are writing down some of the top software for BPA that are easily available in the market.

1. Zoho Creator

It is a low-code application development platform for developing enterprise-class applications which can operate on the web, mobile, and tablet. Moreover, Zoho Creator enables users to make custom forms, build pages, configure workflows, and deploy apps faster. It has various tools to make customized workflows.

2. IBM Cloud Pak

It enables a user to develop, create and run automation applications & services on any cloud, by utilizing pre-integrated automation technologies & low-code tools. Furthermore, IBM Cloud Pak is among the new deployment alternative for the IBM automation platform for many digital businesses.

3. Creatio Studio

It gives the best power and a learning curve. There are many users who do not have technical knowledge but can easily use it. There is a free version of Creatio Studio that works for business process modeling that enables teams to design workflows in integrated settings.

Benefits of business process automation

There are many benefits a company gets by using BPA software, however, we are writing down some of the common benefits of them.

  • It increases the efficiency of the company as it fully eliminates errors made by humans.
  • Reduces the cost and time taken by doing the same recurring task which is manually done by humans in more time and money.
  • It helps in making better decisions by giving accurate insights and performance data.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by doing error-free tasks.
  • It helps in better monitoring various business processes.


Business process automation refers to the usage of technology to make automatize the regular and recurring tasks in a company. Further, it streamlines various business processes to give better outcomes. It helps the firm to reduce errors, cost, and time taken to do a task

The business process automation market is driven by factors like the increasing need for optimized resource usage through automated business processes, incorporation of AI and ML technologies, and low cost & better document management. However, factor like constant rise in cyber-attacks and security problems is hampering the growth of the market.

Thus, the global business process automation market is estimated to increase at a market growth of $19.4 % CAGR during the forecast period.