Power tool and its current trend in Industries

Power tool and its current trend in Industries

Here is why power tools are making trends in the industries. Power tools use the power source to be operated and are replacing hand tools. As the use of power tools makes it easier to complete the job without much human intervention at the same time it reduces time and cost of labour. They find application in various areas such as servicing and repair, packaging, manufacturing and assembly lines, and DIY applications. Power tools are used in various sectors like automobiles, aerospace, energy and control, shipbuilding and consumer electronics, industries, and even households. New technological advancement has been incorporated with the power tools that are enhancing the efficiency of such products and is one of the factors that is driving its demand.

What is the power tool?

Power tools are those tools that use a power source to get operated, unlike hand tools where manual labour is required. They are automatic and are fully functional without any human intervention. The most common example of a power tool is the electric motor. Many accessories of power tools use both battery and electricity as a power source. They are used in various industries as well as for household purposes such as cooking, cleaning, drilling, etc. The application of power tools makes the work easy and efficient. They have higher accuracy and are faster than that of hand tools.

These tools are designed especially to make them consumer-friendly. Power tools are highly efficient and flexible. Both cordless and corded power tools are small in size and at the same time, they have a longer lifespan. Their protection features also attract the consumer as they are more concerned about safety.

Power tool accessories

Power tools include many accessories that are used either in day today need or for any specific task. They are used in industries as well as in residential purpose so demand is also increasing day by day. Some of the examples of Power tool accessories are as follows:

  • Drills: They are used to make round holes. Power drills also function as a hammer. They commonly find applications in woodworking, construction projects, metalworking, etc. cordless battery-powered drills are gaining popularity as compared to corded drills. Power drills are of various types such as hammer drills used for hard materials, drilling rigs that are used to boreholes in the earth, drill press performs many tasks like sanding, honing, and polishing; and they are portable.
  • Grinders: They are equipped with abrasive wheels that are used for cutting. It is helpful to finish workpieces that need to have smooth surfaces. Grinders are of various types such as Belt grinder, bench grinder, jig grinder, gear grinder, angle grinder and many more
  • Saws: They are an enormously useful tool. There are three varieties of power saws that are commonly used. It includes power saws that are provided with rotatory lades, reciprocating blades, and circulating blades. Each one is specific in its function.
  • Sanders: These power tools are used to smoothen the surfaces by using sandpaper to do abrasion on the surface. Various types of sanders are available such as an orbital sander, detail sander, drum sander, profile sander, etc. these machines are helpful in creating and finishing the large rough surfaces.

Advantages associated with power tools:

Those who want to get their work done easily, and accurately, for those power tools are a good option for them. Since power tools are accompanied with many advantages such as

Can work automatically by using electric source:
as power tools use the electric source, it doesn’t require much human intervention. The tools users only need to arrange the power source to operate the automatic power tools.

Fast and Accurate:
power tools are faster and more accurate than manual or hand tools. They perform their job with more precision.It also reduces the time of work with high efficiency

Harder jobs with Ease:    
Most of the power tools are used for the works that are harder to be done with hand tools if they require more input of energy. Like the use of a jackhammer to drive the nails in the concrete walls which are very difficult as well as time-consuming for the hand hammer to do the same.

it is considered that the use of power tools is safer than hand tools. But while using power tools safety instructions must be followed.

Disadvantages related to power tools

There are only a few disadvantages related to power tools. The major ones are as follows:

Need a constant supply of power

The power tools require a constant supply of electric sources. It became inoperative in case of the power supply is cut or it is interrupted. So its efficiency is completely dependent on the power supply.

Cost of power tools 

Power tools are costly than hand tools along with this as it requires electricity or any other power source that includes expenditure in order to pay the bills.

Intricate mechanical parts

As the mechanical parts of the power tools are more complex and therefore they are prone to damage or failure. Replacing or repairing the defected parts is also a little bit difficult as it requires the expertise of that equipment.

Applications of power tools

Since most of the power tools are portable and also offer a variety of features to the customers, it is higher in demand in areas like automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding, and consumer electronics, energy and control, industrial and also for residential purposes.

  1. For Industrial purposes
    electric screwdrivers, impact wrenches, drills rotary hammers, bearing pullers, saber saws, polishers, riveters, angle grinder, pipe cutters, and many more such power tools are used in the industries. Many power tools are designed that specifically work with metals. These power tools are used for different processes and applications. It boosts the manufacturing rate of the products. Manufacturing companies and other industries are looking for high quality and durable power tools.
  2. Residential
    As power tools are easy to operability and portability, they find applications in households. The increasing trend of activities such as DIY at home in this pandemic has increased the number of household users of power tools. People also place orders for power tools for making their work easier by using such tools. New features have been incorporated in the tools that help in reducing injury risks accompanied by-products, which has led to more adoption of power tools in household applications.

Trends in power tool application

Currently, there is a huge need for portable, flexible, and compact cordless power tools for the industries so that it will be easier for them to use, also the tool should occupy minimum space. Advancement has been made in the use of battery technologies in the cordless tools. The use of lithium-ion batteries helps in improving the operational life of the tools driven by power. Tools manufacturing companies are launching more and more innovative products to the consumers that are attracting them.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the year 2020, various industries got disrupted and the growth of many companies is hampered. So it has led to a decrease in the demand for these power tools. But it is expected that in the coming few years when this pandemic situation will be over, there will be a huge demand for such tools.

To sum up

The power tool market has been witnessing rapid growth due to the increased adoption of the cordless power tool. Due to their easy operability and ease of mobility and less manual intervention, its popularity is increasing day by day. The increasing demand for power tools in various fields especially industries and households is driving the market of power tools.

The Global power tool market has been anticipated to rise at a growth rate of 5.8% CAGR over the forecast period. New features have been incorporated in the tools that help in reducing injury risks accompanied with products, this is also influencing the power tools market.