Online Book Services Protect from COVID-19 and Save Trees

 Online Book Services Protect from COVID-19 and Save Trees

How the online book services are trending nowadays and therefore it is making a Wave in the Industry. We are living in the digital age, it is vital for us to keep updated with the times. Presently the demand for online books or e-books is high. Due to the increasing use of digital devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as the rise in the penetration of the internet, there is an increasing inclination of the people for reading online books than that of the printed ones. In the past few years, the popularity of digital readers has grown with a variety of users. On just a click, readers can find a large number of books on their devices.

Online books: what are they?

An online book is a book-like form that can be read on digital devices by using the internet. They are sometimes also called electronic book or e-book. The only difference between online books and e-books is that e-books can be downloaded and can be read locally. An online book is a digital form of printed books that contains both text and images. They can be easily readable on smartphones, tablets, desktop, and laptops. Online books have become a common resource of the virtual learning environment.

Advantages of online books

Availability of a huge array of books

A vast array of books is available on the digital platform. Users can choose their books according to their interests. From comics to academics, from fiction to non-fiction books everything is available on this platform. These online books are easily accessible in different formats.

Time saver and money saver

Since online books can be easily readable on digital devices, the reader can carry them anywhere anytime. This means they are portable in nature and there is no need to worry about losing these books. In a single device, you can carry thousands of books without bearing any weight. It is beneficial for students also as they don’t have to carry many books and it saves time as well as money. Online books are available in the pocket, and it is accessible within seconds.

Easy to read

Online books can be read on the digital devices on which the brightness of the screen and other features can be adjusted according to the comfort of the eyes. Font size can also be adjusted. They can be easily shared with multiple readers.

Interactive elements

In online books, many interactive features are incorporated that makes an engaging reading experience for the readers. Some online books also provide audio and videos resulting in easier learning and understanding of the contents. Readers can also bookmark the pages and make annotations.

Environment friendly

Online books are eco-friendly. It saves the coat of printing on papers and therefore contributes to saving trees. More than 2.2 billion books are being published each year and it is estimated to use about 3 million trees. Publishing books online saves that much of trees each year and it contributes to saving the environment.

Categories of online books


 trading books are available in the form of online books. These books teach readers about risk management, strategy, psychology, and many more things that are beneficial for especially beginners. It also helps the traders to implement the strategy and manage the capital.


Online books have become an important component of teaching and learning in the digital age, it facilitates blended learning, and technology enables learning. These educational books are helpful for both teachers and students in different languages.

Science and technology: Online books are beneficial for researchers and scientists. As many open libraries are available that can be accessed by them to read research papers and published articles.

Impact of COVID-19

The coronavirus is spreading exponentially and this led to the transformation in the behavior of the consumers. The outbreak of COVID-19 and global pandemic led to the closure of most bookstores across the globe thus enhanced the eBook adoption. As per the Good e-Reader’s blog, approximately 2 million new users who have registered with Kobo only in May 2020, during this pandemic situation. This has brought a wave in the demand for online books.

To sum up

The Online Book Services Market has been witnessing rapid growth due to the increasing usage of smartphones and digital devices. There is growing internet penetration, and also increasing preference for online books over printed ones by the consumer is likely to boost the market growth in the coming years. There are many benefits that are associated with online books like they are easily accessible regardless of time and space, and their easy readability has increased the adoption. Further, adults are also owning either a tablet, smartphone, or an e-reader device and their number is increasing day by day and it is expected to have a positive impact on the market of online books. The Global Online Book Services Market has been expected to rise at a growth rate of 6.2% CAGR over the forecast period.