Christmas 2020: New strain of COVID-19 danger in UK

Christmas 2020: New strain of COVID-19 danger in UK

Recently, the UK has discovered a new variant of coronavirus. The Health Secretary of UK, Matt Hancock held a press conference to announce the new strain of coronavirus found in the country. Although the scientists are still analyzing this new variant of the COVID-19 virus, the government has warned that this new strain can spread more easily and maybe transmissible up to 70%.

The UK government has imposed many restrictions in the country to stop the spread of a new strain of coronavirus that comes under the tier-4 lockdown. Although there is no complete lockdown in the country. But the government has warned that there may be a lockdown impose on the capital, London for a few months if the situation gets difficult.

Effects of the new strain of COVID-19 on the UK

This year has been very tough for everyone. At this time, when people are waiting for Christmas and New Year occasions. However, this strain of coronavirus has created panic among people. But certainly, the vaccine may work effectively on this new strain too. So, it is advisable that nobody should panic but also take all the preventive measures to stop the spread.

Although there is no evidence that the new strain is deadly. But for the safer side, the UK and many other countries are also taking precautionary measures. People in the UK were eagerly waiting for Christmas, which could cheer them up with festive vibes. But it seems like, 2020 have different plans for Christmas. However, it may be possible that the UK government level down some restrictions on Christmas.

The previous phases have impacted the economic condition of many countries. However, the UK is facing additional problems due to the new strain. Christmas month is the most crucial time for a businessman to earn and boost the economy. But this new strain of covid-19 has affected the economy of the UK severely because of the travel ban and the tier-4 restrictions across the country.

What is India’s take on this new variant of novel coronavirus?

India is among the most affected country by the Covid-19 virus. With the second-largest population, it is difficult to control the new strain of the virus. It is 70% more transmissible than the previous stages. So, in this case, it is of utmost importance to take preventive measures in the very beginning.

We all have seen the rising graph of cases in India. Also, the loopholes of the government to take corrective actions at the correct time. But, this time, India has learned the lesson and preparing itself to take every possible action. which can prevent the new strain to enter the country.

Steps Taken by the Indian Government

The Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan announced the suspension of flights to the UK. Although the travel ban is temporary that started from 11.59 pm, 22nd December to 11:59 pm, 31st December. The government has also announced that the authorities are keeping an eye on the condition of the new strain of novel coronavirus.

The authorities also said that there is no need to panic about the new strain. As authorities are keeping an eye on the situation and taking measures that are needed to prevent its entrance into India. Also, it is advised to all the people to avoid the spread of any fake news or rumors in society.

What about other countries?

There are many countries that woke up with the alert and implied a travel ban to the UK. The countries who share their border with the UK have immediately sealed the border. With that, many countries have also imposed a travel ban on the UK to prevent the spread of the new strain.

Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Israel, Belgium, France, and many more countries have announced an immediate suspension of all flights to the UK. On the other hand, the US has not imposed any ban. But the officials of the US have announced that they are carefully watching the situation. Some countries have imposed travel bans for 48 to 72 hours and some countries are testing people who have traveled to the UK in the recent past.

Counting on the new strain cases

Although the situation is not out of control, for preventive measures, countries are doing what they can, on their part. The new strain is a concern for every country but there is no need to panic about the situation. Many scientists, companies, and health organizations are already working to study the pattern of the new strain and also suggesting the precautionary measure for the same.

Apart from the UK, few more countries are also witnessing the new variant of covid-19. The Netherlands has found a case of a new strain of coronavirus in their country. The health ministry of Italy has also said that there is a case of a new strain in their country, where the person who is suffering from this variant returned from the UK.

Is the vaccine effective on this new variant?

The World Health Organization (WHO) held a meeting for discussing the new strategies to tackle the new strain of the virus that emerged in Britain. WHO said that this situation cannot be termed as of control situation but it should not be left in its situation.

WHO also said the transportation of essential goods to the UK should be continued but unimportant travel should not be entertained. Apart from that, the WHO also said there is no evidence or enough information that can state, whether the new strain affects the efficiency of the vaccine.

Ongoing studies of vaccine developing countries

Some companies that have developed vaccines for covid-19 are now testing the vaccine against the new strain of the coronavirus. Although there are high chances that the vaccine will be effective on the new strain, still there is a need for evidence that can prove the effectiveness of the vaccine on this new strain of the novel coronavirus.

Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc. are testing its vaccine on the new strain. Moreover, BioNTech is also very confident about the effectiveness of their vaccine. However, they need to complete their study first and to present the fact about the effectiveness of the vaccine for the newly emerged variant.


The news of the new strain of novel coronavirus has created an alarming situation for the countries and people started to panic regarding this situation. Although this new strain is a matter of concern, there is no need to panic in this situation. Every possible measure has been taken and the only thing that is in your hand is to wear your mask properly, sanitize your hands and try to avoid going to public places.

Christmas is all about happiness, positive vibes, food, and family; this is all you need to make your Christmas more memorable. Just stay inside home with your family and celebrate your Christmas in a new way. With that, let’s hope and pray for a better situation, and Merry Christmas to everyone!