Customer Journey Analytics: Best tool to Understand Your Customer

Customer Journey Analytics has gained significant attention in recent years. Management of a company uses analytics tools to better understand the customer. It is due to the increasing need for consistent customer support in business interaction. The retail industry also expanded in terms of technological aspects.

Therefore, real-time customer data need to be available. For any organization, customer service plays an important role in its growth. Due to the penetration of the internet, digital business increased all across the globe. With the adoption of customer journey analytics, organizations can improve the experience of customers. This in turn will lead to the progress of the business.

What is Customer Journey Analytics?

Customer journey analytics include a set of tools and applications that are capable of gathering data. It can collect customer data either from a single source or diversified sources. The data is then analyzed to help understand its buying patterns. In simple words, Customer Journey Analytics analyses the experience of the customer through every touchpoint in the customer journey.

How helpful Customer Journey Analytics are?

The marketers and customer experience specialists find customer journey analytics a very helpful tool to analyze and understand what the customer expectations are. Accordingly, they engage with individual customers. These analytics tools can analyze various data points in real-time.

Thus it helps organizations to discover the pattern and journey of the customer. The Customer Journey Analytics prioritize directly impact on business goals, and contribute to revenue growth, improved customer experiences, and reduced churn. 

Why a company should use Customer Journey Analytics?

It is proved to be one of the most effective ways to win the trust of the customer. With the help of Customer Journey Analytics, businesses can increase customer lifetime value as well as improve the loyalty of its customer. The marketing team of a business can get valuable insight into the customer experience so that they can offer the product according to the customer’s interest. The teams can also have clear visibility about customer interaction.

What are the applications of Customer Journey Analytics?

Customer Segmentation and Targeting

Customer Segmentation and Targeting means segregating the customers into groups on the basis of similarity in preference. Segmentation of customers helps in targeting the right customers and the organization can communicate with them in the best possible way. Customer Journey Analytics helps in this segregation step for the marketer.

Customer Behavioral Analysis

Customer Behavioral Analysis is a way to observe both qualitatively and quantitatively how the customer interacts with the company. It is similar to understanding the choices of your friend, likes, dislikes, and their habits. Customer behavior helps a business to target its audience. Tools of customer journey analytics provide an insight into the behavior of a customer.

Brand Management

Brand management is basically in the hand of the marketing team of a company. Proper brand management is important as it enables to increase in the value of the product. It basically involves maintaining and bettering the quality of products and enhancing the brand perception among the customers. Thus the management team of a company gets benefitted by using customer journey analytics tools and services to improve the brand value of their company.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is basically planning and executing the market initiatives for any new product launch or something related to any event. Campaigns require to have multiple efforts to reach potential buyers from social media, email, surveys, print materials, etc. For this potential and the targeted customer must be known to make the campaign successful. Thus customer journey analytics helps an organization to know its targeted customers.

What are the touchpoints for customer journey analytics?

Customer touchpoints are stages through which customers contact your brand from start to finish. It is the contact between a customer and a business. The major touchpoints for customer journey analytics include web, Social Media, Mobile, Email, Branch/Store, and Call Center. The information about the journey of a customer from discovering any brand to becoming a loyal customer of that brand can be analyzed by the tools used in customer journey analytics.

Benefits of using customer journey analytics

  • It is helpful in the growth of any organization.
  • Any business can get to know about the behavior of the customers.
  • Ensure to provide the best possible help to the customer.
  • It increases brand value in the perception of customers.
  • It helps in increasing the engagement of the customers.
  • Increases sales of the businesses.
  • Builds trust between brand and customers.
  • Improves the satisfaction of the customers thus gain loyal customers

The bottom line

The customer journey analytics market has been witnessing rapid growth due to the growing need for consistent customer support in business interaction. Customer journey analytics is an advancement in analytics software. It is capable of analyzing the customer behavioral data obtained from almost all touchpoints.

Thus it boosts the revenue growth of a company, at the same time it also improves customer experiences. This in turn wins the trust of the customer for the brand. Nowadays many businesses are focused to adopt these tools and services to improve the business value and brand. 

The Global Customer Journey Analytics Market has been anticipated to rise at a growth rate of 18.1% CAGR over the forecast period.