Communication Integration and Productivity in Business Applications

Mobility and the cloud are eventually becoming an integral part of business processes. Cloud technologies have been seamlessly integrated into voice and video to enhance business applications.  Shifting the unified communications (UC) models into the cloud has given organizations the ability to integrate communication seamlessly into business applications that are used most frequently. Cloud has enabled in creating a highly mobile and efficient workforce during the last few years.

Integration of mobility and the cloud is a perfect platform to empower communication systems within an organization. Integrated communication will have a sustained impact on every aspect of the business in the future.

More than 85% of organizations today use smartphones within their UC strategy and large part of community are of the opinion that voice integration is vital for business apps. Integrating communication into any business application can make the entire process easy and seamless, and also have a direct impact on the productivity. As an example, integrating click-to-call into business application can greatly enhance the productivity of an employee who is mostly engaged in calls with clients. An option to directly place calls from an application will have a huge impact on the speed and efficiency of the employee.

Organizations today are slowly shifting focus on moving most of their activities to the cloud. Email apps, CRM’s have found place within the cloud for better accessibility, as cloud has numerous benefits over local hosting. Many different applications are slowing growing to be an integral part of business lives of people, and it is an expectation to have communication platforms integrated into the system. Voice integration into business  application is bring about a new wave of business effectiveness, and organizations that are adopting voice integration into business applications will be able to see the inherent value it brings into every part of the business process.

Key voice integration considerations

Now that voice integration is gaining prominence, it is important to understand the provider’s role in the ecosystem. It is vital to gain a clear understanding of the requirements that a cloud communication provider must offer to truly make the integration seamless and effective.

A service provider must be in a position to understand the business needs of an organization, and at the same time understand the outcome the organization wishes to achieve with the integration. Therefore, identifying a right vendor will be a huge challenge for organizations. A good provider must offer free demos to gain a better understanding of the business goals and end result.

Service providers on the other hand are looking at making offers that are seamless and easy to integrate. Many service cloud providers are readily offering pre-built applications that cover a wide range of business needs. Pre-built cloud tools are designed to minimize IT involvement and eventually make the transition easy and effortless.

In addition to pre-built applications, good vendors are also equipped with capabilities to offer custom platforms for organizations that have custom built applications. Best the business vendors sure have application program interfaces that support flexible voice integration to the custom applications.

Many forms of integrations are slowly evolving by the day. Among the leading technologies, mobile based integration, though a little tricky, will be a great enhancement into the communication models of the organizations.

Communication integration will have a long lasting impact on every aspect of business process management, and also will be a leading driver for business process enhancement.

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