How Cloud DLP solutions protect businesses from being encrypted

How Cloud DLP solutions protect businesses from being encrypted

Even with all the buzz around cloud storage and services, many businesses are still reluctant to adopt cloud storage solutions. After all, transferring sensitive business data outside your company’s firewall is risky. Almost every cloud provider will support you during normal operations and help you get back on your feet after a disaster.

However, there’s always the chance of an unscrupulous partner exploiting your trust and selling access to your private data or using it for their own benefit. There are many ways to secure your company’s data when using the cloud. Hosted document-folder-level policies, user authentication and encryption are just some of the available options – although not every provider supports every security feature.

But even with these protections in place, unstructured data such as documents or emails remain especially vulnerable to misuse because anyone with access can read them; it doesn’t matter if they have clearance or not. If you want to protect confidential information stored in the cloud, a third-party Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is essential for various reasons:

Why Is Cloud Data Loss Prevention Important?

Cloud data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are an essential part of any business’s security strategy. These tools can protect your company from data leaks caused by employees mistakenly sharing sensitive information or from malicious use by unauthorized individuals.

The main goal of DLP is to prevent the unintentional disclosure of sensitive data. This can happen in a number of ways. DLP can detect when employees try to send private information to the wrong person, when they attempt to transfer data to places where it isn’t allowed, or when they send information without any protection at all.

DLP also helps you discover sensitive information that your employees have mistakenly left accessible to others. DLP can also identify unauthorized people who have accessed your sensitive data.

Cloud DLP is the Only Realistic Way to Secure the Cloud

There are many different types of cloud storage providers and services, but not all of them support the same level of security. Some providers offer no encryption at all, while others only offer encryption at rest. You might be able to use encryption in transit with some providers, but even this isn’t a given.

Given the huge variety of cloud storage providers, it’s impossible to select a single tool that will offer comprehensive protection for all of them. For that reason, it makes no sense to try to select a single DLP tool for use across all cloud services. If you use a cloud DLP tool, it will be able to integrate with all the cloud storage providers you use, giving you comprehensive protection against data breaches.

The Importance of Data Loss Prevention in Cloud Storage

Data loss prevention (DLP) systems can help you identify, prevent, and recover from data leaks and other threats that can damage your business. DLP has three main components: Identifying sensitive information, preventing it from being improperly accessed, and recovering from accidental data leaks.

It’s extremely important to protect your data whenever you use cloud storage services. Your company might be able to survive a ransomware attack or an accidental data leak, but only if it doesn’t happen too often. The financial damage that comes from a data breach can be devastating.

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in the US is $3.62 million. These numbers vary depending on the type of data breach and the type of industry, but they give you a general idea of how expensive data breaches can be.

3 Key Takeaways

Data loss prevention is a crucial part of protecting your sensitive business data. A data loss prevention system can help you identify and protect sensitive data, even when using cloud storage providers. A data loss prevention system can also help you recover from data breaches.

Now that you know why data loss prevention is important, you’re ready to select the best DLP system for your business. Make sure to select a system that offers comprehensive support for the cloud services your company uses.

The Global Cloud DLP Market size is expected to reach $11 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 27.9% CAGR during the forecast period.