Air Ambulances Offer Preliminary Emergency Medical Care

Air Ambulances Offer Preliminary Emergency Medical Care

Air Ambulance Services can usually travel faster and operate in a wider coverage area than the land Ambulance. Air Ambulances are a type of emergency care system. That provides scheduled and unscheduled patient transportation on a domestic and international level. 

An aircraft with all life-saving medical equipment and a crew of medics, utilizes for the for safe patient transportation.

International Air Ambulance specializes in providing emergency air care services around the world.

Their team includes professional medics and crew members with extensive experience in emergency medical care, making it simple for clients to select the best flights, medical services, and value. The team at HI Flying Air Ambulance international air ambulances can effect safe and competent repatriation across the globe on short notice, using private jets or small planes.

What is Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance service is a new age method. These kinds of service providers are of great help in today’s world. They always come as a savior during these problem situations. These kinds of ambulances are very convenient for natural calamities and severe accidents. It’s an effective and efficient method as it's very less time-consuming.

These services are useful in dealing with emergency situations where patients require immediate medical attention that is not available in their immediate vicinity. Medical air transportation companies like HI Flying - International air ambulance repatriation are among the trusted companies across the world.

Its services include medical escorts, expediting hospital admissions, and ensuring that required medical referrals, medical clearance, and airport transfers are in place.

How Does Air Ambulance Work?

This complete procedure of air ambulance service consists of various levels which make this complete procedure effective and efficient. So the steps are as follow:

· A call for the rush

All the Air Ambulance Services have 24x7 working help lines. Any call to an Air Ambulance service is 24x7 services and has experienced doctors in critical care. The doctor on the call estimates the condition of the patient after evaluating the patient’s case history, medical reports, and clinical records.

· Prep for Evacuation

In remote areas where there are no authority on the runway for the landing or takeoff. Air ambulance even go to such places so that patients get first medical attention. These ambulances take doctors along with them so that patient gets first medical attention on time.

· Taking off

At the airports there the lowest activation time i.e. 90 minutes. They also get a priority for the procedure of takeoff and landing through the green corridor during an emergency.

· On-the-Board

The air ambulance which helps in getting patient to hospital on time is equipped with all the critical care support which is to be given to the patient by the doctors during that emergency situation. The treatment which is given by doctors during emergency. 

· From Airport to the hospital

All the airports globally provide a medical center that can instantly evacuate the patient directly from the aircraft to the hospital in an uninterrupted and efficient manner. This makes this procedure a savior during the mishappenings.

Varieties of Air Ambulance

There are mainly two varieties of Air Ambulance which are as follow:

Rotary-wing Aircraft

  • Rotary-wing aircraft is the one that includes Rotating blades, such as helicopters.
  • This helicopter comes in action during emergencies when a patient needs to transfer to a nearer place as soon as possible.
  • These ambulances can land anywhere so here it comes as a savior when ground ambulance can’t reach.
  • In case of an emergency such as an accident, helicopters can take off and land just about anywhere.

Fixed-wing Aircraft

  • Fixed-wing aircraft are jet engine-powered and their wings don’t move. There are needed for long-distance travel and they can go further.
  • These air ambulances are able to fly in inclement weather, such as fog and rain.
  • These aircraft provide a comfortable experience and due to their spacious interiors which helps them to have more medical equipments.
  • Fixed-wings medicals aircraft are cheaper than rotary-winged medical aircrafts.


Emergencies come without warning and they don’t usually happen at the place where medical emergency services are accessible. During these situations, medical air evacuation services come as a lifesaver to save the lives of people by making great specialized emergency medical care accessible despite geographical challenges.

There are various medical conditions due to which patients should always know which air ambulance aircraft they need to opt for such as a patient suffering from respiratory diseases, organ failure, cancer, stroke, heart attack, can’t travel in a helicopter. A flicker vertigo patient also can’t travel in a helicopter as flickering and flashing of light causes nausea, dizziness, headache, and many other issues. Bariatric patients are not able to travel through helicopter due to its weight limitations.

The Global Air Ambulance Services Market size is expected to rise at a market growth of 11.4% CAGR during the forecast period.