Advanced Driver Assistance System Making Driving Better

Road safety has been a vital issue over the years. Road accidents have been increasing and need for better road safety system gained prominence. Advanced driver assistance systems came into limelight with a purpose of increasing car safety and more so road safety. By incorporating advanced system of driving, the driver gets a superior level of assistance, eventually leading to safer and relaxed driving. With time, the concept of ADAS will gain prominence as more and more people gain awareness about the need for safer and better driving eco system.

Here are some of the note worthy features that make advanced driver assistance system a safer and superior form of road safety system:

Anti-lock breaking system:

Generally, it is witnessed that vehicles skid when breaks are applied, especially in cases of emergency braking. Wheels get locked down in the instance of emergency breaking and leads to potential danger. However, with antilock breaking system in place, the wheels will have the capability to maintain traction control, that is, the wheels don't get locked and so would not lead to devastating accidents.

Adaptive cruise control:

Traffic jams and in instances of accidents, it is generally difficult to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, as gauging the distance might not be everyone's expertise. However, with adaptive cruise control technology, a driver has forward looking radar that enables to gauge the difference and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Minding the gap between vehicles would surely minimize the incidences of accidents, leading to better road system.

Blind spot detection:

Almost all the drivers can testify of the fact that blind spots are predominant in the travel environment. It is practically impossible to have a complete picture of the surroundings all the time. Sides and rear are places where total visibility is not witnessed. Smaller vehicles in these spots can go unnoticed and can lead to crashes. However, with blind spot detection in place, it is easy to identity such spots and have a clear visual on the vehicles in such places. This again influences a better road safety system.

Driver's drowsiness detection:

Driving during the night is not everyone's game. Most of the people hesitate to drive during the night, as challenges increase during nights. One of the biggest challenges is to stay awake and focus on the road, and staying focused during a long journey is a very big task. With drowsiness detection, the driver is warned of incidences, and can take measures to control the vehicle in advance. These are just a few of the benefits of the advanced driver assistance system. With technological advancements, more advanced features will add in and make driving a safer bet in all conditions. There are many challenges that need to be addressed; however, with time, technology will change the way humans travel.