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Global Roadways & Railways Intelligent Transport Systems Market By Mode of Transportation (Roadways, Railways), Solution, Application

The global Roadways & Railways Intelligent Transport Systems market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% during the forecast period (2016 - 2022).

Intelligent transportation system is an integration of communication sy....

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Global Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Market By Technology (Ultrasonic Sensors, Image Sensors, Radar Sensors, LIDAR Sensors), Product Sales (OEM, Aftermarket), End User (Consumer Cars, Commercial Vehicles)

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), also known as active cruise control, autonomous cruise control, radar cruise control and intelligent cruise control is a unique form of conventional car control system employed to control and maintain the speed of a car and similar other smart vehic....

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Global Near Field Communication (NFC) Market By Product Type (Auxiliary NFC, Non-Auxiliary NFC), Device Type (Smartphone & Tablet NFC, PCs & Laptop NFC), Application (Mobile/Contactless payment, Information Sharing, User Authentication & Access Control, Healthcare)

NFC-enabled contactless/wireless communication allows a user to establish a wireless connection between smartphone and other NFC-enabled devices to send information. This technology generally maintains interoperability between different wireless communication devices such as Blue....

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Global Self Services Technology Market By Category (Vending Machine, ATM, Kiosks), Solution (Self-Services Deployment Solutions, Self-Services Managed Services), Type (Beverage, Candy, Snacks, Gumball, Cigarette, Specialized,

The Self Services Technology Market Size is expected to attain $43 Billion by 2022. Self-Service technology is a technological interface, allowing customers to avail service independent of the service provider. To help the customers make their transactions convenient, accura....